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Professional Partnerships

Implicit Wealth Management is keen to work in partnership with professional partners such as accountancy and solicitor firms. Our vision is not to just work on the traditional cross refer basis but to work closely with our partners to ensure that we dovetail both of our skills and expertise so the advice clients receive from their professional advisers is both complimentary and mutually supportive.


By working this way we believe we will all have a better understanding of the client’s position which will allow us to build upon our relationships, leading to both a higher level
of client retention and presenting new business opportunities which we may not be able
to identify or facilitate independently of each other.

In our industries constant changes in legislation coupled with an increase in consumer demand for the best service propositions to be offered is making our roles more varied and client solutions more complex. As a result some accountants and solicitors have recognised this and are now developing these professional partnerships.

We feel that these methods of working will become common practice and will allow all connected firms to demonstrate the necessary service standards and technical expertise to further cement their client relationships rather than damage them.

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